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In response to the COVID19 pandemic, M&M Advanced Footcare has temporarily ceased routine and community foot care services. The main office will CONTINUE TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO THOSE IN URGENT NEED of nursing foot care at the 

Victoria Medical Building, #104-1669 Victoria St, by appointment only. Persons who may be in urgent need are those with neuropathy, ingrown toenails or those at risk of injury or infection.

We will update this information and commence regular services as soon as able. 

Please call 250-617-9966 for more information.

Find a Clinic Near You


Victoria Medical Building

#104-1669 Victoria Street, Prince George, BC V2L 2L5


By appointment only

Call (250)-617-9966


Foot Care Fridays ​at the Hart Drug Mart

Located in the Home Hardware Store on the Hart Hwy

6707 Dagg Rd, Prince George, BC V2K 2​R6


By appointment only

Call (250)-962-9666