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Happy, Healthy Feet 

We would love to hear from you! Give us a call today.

☎ 1-(250) 617-9966


M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE has resumed community foot care nursing services (some restrictions apply). All nurses will be using their provided masks, gloves and personal protective equipment as recommended for COVID-19 protocols.  COVID-19 screening must be completed prior to each appointment.  If you, or a loved one, are unable to leave your home and need nursing foot care call 250-617-9966 for more information. *please note that community foot care is reserved for those who cannot come to our office for treatments*

Enjoy the Benefits of Taking Care of Your Feet

M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE LTD. in Prince George, British Columbia provides professional nursing home foot care and foot care in outpatient clinics. We assess, treat, and monitor common ailments of the feet such as corns, calluses, ingrown toenails, fungal toenails and more. We provide specialized services only offered by medical professionals and use only high-quality products most recommended by experts.

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What is Advanced Footcare?

Advanced foot care is a nursing specialty for clients with common or complicated foot care needs. As foot care nurses, we use professional podiatry tools to help maintain healthy feet and toenails. Additionally, foot care nurses can communicate with physicians and other members of the interdisciplinary team to help achieve optimal care.

Where Do I Go?

M&M Advanced Footcare is a completely mobile service. While our main office and clinic is in the PG Victoria Medical Building, if you are unable to get to one of our clinics a licensed nurse will come to your home, or facility.

Why do I Need Foo​t Care?​

Do you, or a loved one have thick nails that are difficult to cut?

Ingrown toenails?

Curved or Curled nails?

Corns, or Calluses?

Hammertoes or bunions?

Do you suffer from Diabetes, Kidney Disease or Circulation problems?

Do you have trouble reaching, or seeing your feet?

Is it difficult for you to get to appointments?

Call and book today!

How Often Will I Need​ Foot Care?

There are many factors that effect how fast our nails grow. ​Most clients require foot care every 6 -8 weeks. Some elderly require foot care only every 3 months.

How Much Does it Cost?

$50 per person in clinics, or facility. $75 per person per home care or hospital visit. Some exceptions apply and prices are subject to change. 

Does Medical Cover it?

Nursing foot care services are non taxable and some health insurance plans such as Green Shield, Sun Life, Medavie, and even Worker's Compensation Board, etc. will cover the expenses as a nursing service.

Do I Need a Referral? 

A referral is not required for a foot care appointment. A one time referral  from a physician is required to qualify for coverage by the Department of Veteran's Association and by some extended medical plans (not all plans cover nursing services, but always ask your provider)

Click here to see Jonathan Tomines, The Toe Bro as he applies the Onyfix!


M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE LTD. is very proud to offer the ONYFIX licensed medical ingrown nail correction system.  The ONYFIX is a safe and painless long term solution for chronic ingrown and curled nails. 

CKPG News; Foot Care Fridays

Watch our video (click image on the right) for a glimpse of our local nursing foot care clinics

Business History

Melonie, the owner, had 13 years of combined experience as a nursing assistant and a nurse before establishing M&M ADVANCED FOOTCARE SERVICES. She finds foot care very rewarding because most patients feel better immediately after, or even during, their treatment. 

Aside from clinics, Melonie also decided to offer mobile foot care services in the community so that clients can receive professional nursing foot care while in the comfort of their homes, in hospital and in assisted living facilities.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate and provide safe, client-centered, professional nursing foot care to the community by using quality medical equipment, evidenced-based best practices and CSA Guidelines

Meet the Team