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What is Advanced Footcare?

Advanced foot care is a nursing specialty for clients with common or complicated foot care needs. As foot care nurses, we use professional podiatry tools to help maintain healthy feet and toenails. Additionally, foot care nurses can communicate with physicians and other members of the interdisciplinary team to help achieve optimal care.

Where Do I Go?

M&M Advanced Footcare is a completely mobile service.  If you are unable to get to one of our clinics at a local pharmacy, a licensed nurse will come to your home, or facility.


Why do I Need Foot Care?​

Do you, or a loved one have thick nails that are difficult to cut?

Ingrown toenails?

Curved or Curled nails? 

Corns, or Calluses? 

Hammertoes or bunions?

Do you suffer from Diabetes, Kidney Disease or Circulation problems? 

Do you have trouble reaching, or seeing your feet?

Is it difficult for you to get to appointments?

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How Often Will I Need Footcare?

There are many factors that effect how fast our nails grow. Most clients require foot care every 6 -8 weeks. Some elderly require foot care only every 3 months.

How Much Does it Cost?

35$/visit per person in clinics, hospital, or facility. 40$ per person per home care visit (some exceptions apply). Nursing foot care services are non taxable and some health insurance plans such as Green Shield, Blue Cross, Sun Life, Medavie,  and even Worker's Compensation Board, etc. will cover the expenses as a nursing service.


Healthy Happy Feet

"I have always loved my job as a nurse. After beginning my career as a nurses aide, I went on to become an LPN. The majority of my experience has been working with seniors, particularly those with dementia. Knowing that I can help people find comfort, and support them to live as independently as possible, makes every day a reward."     

                                                           -Melonie Millar

                                                           -LPN since 2010

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